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FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski Eyes Ban On Interactive Ads On Children's Content

After 30 days on the job, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski told Broadcasting & Cable magazine that promoting universal broadband is essential. Of course he's working with a mandate from the Whitehouse that says at much. "We are a country in need of a national broadband strategy 10 years ago," said Genachowski, calling the project "our generation's major infrastructure challenge."

Nearly 50 years ago then-FCC Chair Newton Minnow famously called television a vast wasteland, and he was only speaking of a few broadcast station. Genachowski was asked how that statement compares today, when he is no longer faced with just TV, but the "video platform." Just last week, the FCC launched an inquiry into children and the digital media landscape, or the vaster wasteland. Genachowski says he thinks the commission will fall on the side of banning interactive ads in digital content for children, unless parent opt-in.



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