Mobile Cracks Advertising Week

advertising week/mobile

Mobile may not yet have its own promotional week in New York, but the industry is crashing Advertising Week this year with its own one-day event. Sponsored by Jumptap, Admob, Quattro Wireless and Mojiva, the Mobile Ad Summit might better be called the Mobile Ad Network Summit.

With sponsored presentations throughout the day, the host companies haven't cheated themselves out of select spots on the agenda. If that weren't enough, there's also a panel in which "the ad networks square off to show what sets them apart," featuring executives from JumpTap, Quattro and Admob. Prizes will be awarded to anyone who can tell what sets them apart.

Among actual advertisers, it looks like only Bank of America is on the agenda to offer a brand perspective on mobile advertising. The conference also includes sessions with the heads of agencies such as GroupM and TribalDDB and mobile agencies like GroupM's Joule and Publicis' PhoneValley before being capped by a look at "The Cool New S*#T!" That's if you make it all the way through the sponsored sessions.

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