• Does Facebook Need Another Messaging App?
    In its ongoing battle to take back teen market share from Snap, Facebook is apparently readying a new messaging app for younger users. Citing code contained inside of the Facebook's flagship app, The Information says it can tell that just such an app is in the works.
  • Apple Still Reaping Rich Returns From App Biz
    Talk about a rich ecosystem. Since launching its App Store in 2008, Apple says it has paid out more than $70 billion to developers. Considering its 70/30 revenue split with developers, that means the tech giant has made around $30 billion from its app business to date.
  • Smartphone Sales Grow Fairly Teensy 3%
    Smartphone sales are still growing, but not nearly as fast as in years past. That's one takeaway from Mary Meeker's latest Web trends report, which went out Wednesday.
  • Malware-Affected Apps Discovered On Google Play
    Google Play has about 40 fewer malicious apps, thanks to a heads-up from the Checkpoint. The apps all contained "auto-clicking" adware, which use infected gadgets to generate large amounts of fraudulent clicks on ads, according to the security firm. While we don't know how many times it was actually activated, the malware might have downloaded more than 18 million times, Checkpoint estimates.
  • T-Mobile's 'Digits' Service Will Sync Many Devices To One Number
    Can T-Mobile modernize the phone number for the mobile era? Well, we're going to find out when the carrier launches its Digits service at the end of the month. With Digits, T-Mobile users can synchronize multiple devices -- from phones to desktop computers to smartwatches -- with one number.
  • Microsoft's Renamed Game Streaming Service, Mixer, Adds New Tricks
    Along with a new name -- Mixer -- Microsoft is adding some new features to its game streaming service, Beam. Users of the service should soon be able to live-stream games on their mobile gadgets.
  • AR Drives Up Mobile App Software Market
    The mobile augmented reality (AR) marketplace could balloon to more than a billion users -- and $60 billion in revenue -- by 2021, Digi-Capital suggests in a new report. And, thanks to tech titans like Facebook and Snap, software is positioned to dominate this space.
  • Facebook Opens Up About Content-Policing Problems
    Responding to fresh revelations about its content policy, Facebook is further conceding that, yes, policing about a billion people's daily interactions is hard. Among other challenges, it isn't easy to balance user safety and free expression, says Monika Bickert, head of global policy management at the social giant.
  • Is Content Moderation Facebook's Achilles Heel?
    Facebook's content guidelines are spread across more than 100 training manuals, spreadsheets and flowcharts, the Guardian has learned. Yet, If not quickly enough for critics, the social giant's content strategy is evolving in response to user behavior.
  • Google Launches Mobile Payment System
    Capping off a week full of mobile announcements for Google, the search giant just unveiled a new payment system tied directly to users' existing accounts.With the new Google Payment API, so-called, third party developers can charge consumers through their Google accounts, while it will assume responsibility for security and processing.
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