• RRRing In The New Year: Smartphones For All Seasons
    The summer of smartphones has turned into the holiday pre-season of smartphones. Another wave of high-end devices is hitting the market this fall led by the Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless and including the BlackBerry Storm2, Motorola Cliq, HTC Hero, Samsung Moment and a slew of other Android-powered phones.
  • AdMob Takes A Fond Look Back At Mobile Growth
    AdMob's latest metrics report out today highlights some of the dramatic changes on the mobile ad network in the two years since it began releasing data. For starters the volume of ad requests it handles monthly has grown more than six-fold - from 1.6 billion to 10.2 billion, as of September. Those figures also represent a geographic expansion from 16 to 64 countries.
  • Another iPhone Killer Takes Its Turn
    With the formal unveiling of the Motorola Droid Wednesday, buzz mounted online that Verizon Wireless may have finally found an answer to the iPhone. The sleek smartphone boasts a large screen, slide-out keyboard, a free navigation service and the debut of Android 2.0, the upgraded version of Google's mobile OS.
  • Are Consumers Clamoring for Green Phones?
    New research suggests demand for environmentally-friendly devices will power sales of "green" phones in the coming years. A recent study by ABI Research found that nearly half of U.S. consumers would choose a green handset over a conventional phone if price, features and performance were the same.
  • eBay Ties Its Mobile Growth To iPhone
    During eBay's third-quarter conference call last week, CEO John J. Donahue highlighted mobile commerce as an area where the e-tailing giant is innovating to help boost sales. He pointed out that the eBay iPhone app has been downloaded more than 4 million times, is expected to generate more than half a billion in gross merchandise value this year.
  • Twitter Hearts Mobile, But Where's The Money?
    In an interview with The Telegraph (UK) this week, Twitter CEO Evan Williams made it clear mobile is where the microblogging service has the best chance to build a business model. Given that most Twitter traffic is already driven by handheld devices, Williams confidence that mobile holds the key to the company's future isn't surprising.
  • AT&T Reports Record iPhone Activations In Q3
    Despite the well-publicized problems AT&T has had handling the surge of data traffic from iPhone users, the Apple device continues to be a new customer magnet for the wireless carrier. Announcing third-quarter earnings this morning, AT&T said it activated a record 3.2 million iPhones during the period. Of those, 40% were new subscribers to AT&T. Overall, the carrier added 2 million subscribers in the quarter for a total of 81.6 million.
  • Techies Hail Arrival of Kindle-Killer
    After making its much-anticipated debut Tuesday, the new Barnes & Noble e-reader is already being described as a "Kindle-Killer" by tech experts and enthusiasts. Online reviewers have clearly been wowed by the sleek-looking Nook, sporting a 3.5 inch color multi-touch screen control panel below the main 6-inch reading screen.
  • B&N To Find Its 'Nook' in E-Reader Market?
    Barnes & Noble is expected to formally launch its own e-book reader Tuesday, featuring a color display and touchscreen and priced the same as Amazon.com's Kindle at $259, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
  • Verizon's Droid Ad Runs Into Counterattack
    Verizon Wireless' audacious new TV ad that aired over the weekend takes direct aim at the iPhone, and has already sparked a backlash in the tech blogosphere. Ticking off a list of features or functions not found on the iPhone, the 30-second spot announces the Motorola Droid, the new Android 2.0-powered smartphone that Verizon will release next month. "Everything iDont, Droid Does" is the tag line. By challenging the signature Apple device so openly, the consensus is that Verizon is only setting itself up for failure when the Droid fails to live up to the hype as yet another would-be …
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