• The iPhone 5S Just Ate My Xbox
    I may just have seen the future of console gaming on my TV, coming from the iPhone 5S. Three seconds into playing "Infinity Blade III" over AirPlay on Apple TV will make you wonder why you need another console.
  • Stoli's New App Really Does Help You Remember What The Hell Happened Last Night
    On Monday Stoli and agency Rokkan will help you party hearty and recall it next day with a custom video crafted from your and your friends' social media posts about the night. Creative, yes. But the app also speaks to the next big opportunity to serve customers -- and organize their massive digital content production.
  • CBS/Viacom Deals Are Putting Twitter Into The TV Cash Flow
    Twitter's smart way of tapping TV ad budgets stands in sharp contrast to the previous digital media approaches that struggle (for 15 years now) to migrate TV spend their way.
  • Once More To The Breach: Kindle HDX's Full-Frontal Assault On iPad...Again
    Amazon is covering all possible bases in its annual Kindle announcement this time around. But a barrage of press releases and cool feature call-outs will not solve the larger problem of an increasingly fragmented non-iPad ecosystem.
  • Tim Cook's Pretty Good Weekend: iPhone Redeems, iRadio Sings
    Whatever fuzzy math Apple may be using to claim a big win for the company and iPhone brands last weekend, CEO Tim Cook probably won back something that had been waning since Steve Jobs' passing -- the benefit of the doubt.
  • Dad, What Did You Do To My iPhone? A Small 5C Adventure
    It is amazing how quickly a young adult can move when her cell phone service has been cut off and a shiny plastic iPhone 5C is at the other end of the journey.
  • In 2014 Nielsen Will Start Counting Your Phone/Tablet TV Viewing
    At Advertising Week next week, Nielsen plans to announce it will include in its TV ratings in fall 2014 the linear TV viewing that occurs on smartphones and tablets. Considering all of the different ways TV Everywhere apps now allows us to time-shift viewing, getting an accurate metrics picture should be challenging.
  • Amobee Makes Its Ads 'Pulse' In 3D
    A new ad platform from Amobee uses 3D rendering that approaches console game quality. Cool. but we still need to find better ways to get the consumer into the brand experience itself.
  • Seniors Are Now The Growth Opp For Mobile
    The smartphone industry is maturing by literally maturing. One of the last large segments poised for sharp growth in this category is seniors.
  • Twitter App Update To Make Experience More Visual, TV-Friendly?
    Twitter is planning a major update of its app presence that may depart from its Web look and feel. Among the more enticing additions may be a dedicated section for TV content.
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