• Tablet Second Screening Captures Every Demo
    Prime time is tablet time, Nielsen finds in its latest snapshot of two-screen practices. But unlike many digital behaviors that preceded it, simultaneous tablet and TV use is being embraced by all demographics that have these devices.
  • DC Makes Comics Safe for Kids Again On iPad
    Comics publishers are hoping that digital distribution will help stem their circulation losses. The new kid-friendly DC Nation storefront and other comics apps on iPad remind us that the digital comics field is already pretty evolved in content merchandising.
  • 'Scan All Your Veggies, Young Lady': Produce Gets Mobilized
    A new scanning app leverages the otherwise annoying stickers on your bananas and red peppers. Some day it may help us understand what to do with those hairy tubular things we happen upon but can't quite identify in the fresh foods section.
  • The Apple Core Grows: It's About iOS and iCloud Now
    Apple crushed expectations yet again in its earnings report. The iPhone march continues, but clearly this has become for Apple less of a smartphone numbers game than a long campaign to build a cloud-based ecology that is hard to leave.
  • Walmart and Target Are Retail Rulers In Apple App Store
    Walmart and Target are far and away the leading distributors of their branded apps among general retailers, according to a new study. But each retailer gets that app love in different ways.
  • Verizon Likes The Competition Windows Phone Offers
    Verizon appears ready to support Windows Phone 8 models is a serious way this fall. Is there really room for a third OS on the smartphone scene at this late hour of the early days?
  • Toons, Toons, Toons, Everywhere: Cartoon Network Taps The Mobile Sitter Effect
    Cartoon Network will begin live streaming the cable channel soon. This is a good time to recall just how important children's programming has been to devices since the dawn of the mobile talkies back in the day.
  • EA Mobile Makes Big Play With Telefonica, But When Will US Carriers Get Back Into The Content Game?
    EA Games cuts a huge deal with telecom giant Telefonica to bundle games for subscribers. When will U.S. carriers get back in the content game and start packaging and promoting apps their customers clearly care about?
  • From Pizza 'Hero' to Pizza Jockey: Domino's Recruits Via iPad Game
    In a novel use of a novel branded app, Domino's has turned its pizza-making/pizza-ordering iPad app into a recruitment tool for pizza chefs. You get to prove yourself in the virtual kitchen even before the job interview.
  • Snooki Is Expecting...Both A Baby And A Puzzle App
    The "Jersey Shore" stars Snooki and the Situation are creating their own reality star app networks where their loyalists can circulate. Next up -- a puzzle app for Snooki that is likely to include content inspired by her pregnancy. Go ahead and guffaw. I can't wait.
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