• ESPN, Facebook And A Day Of Mobile Tipping Points
    Facebook, ESPN and MLB.com all reached milestones and tipping points in their mobile transition this week. These sorts of metrics, and the velocity with which we have seen the migration to devices, is more an expectation now than a surprise.
  • Kindle MatchBook Goes Live: Print Purchases Get An Ebook Upgrade
    Amazon is formally launching its digital upgrade service for book buyers. It seems to me this model acknowledges that consumers are now buying rights to a work -- not just a physical product. At the same time, it also recognizes the added value of digital service and distribution.
  • Yeah, iPad Is Still The Defining Tablet
    One analyst suggests that a lot of Android tablets are not being used in the same way iPads are. In fact, he sees Android market share figures skewed by Chinese models being used principally as second TVs.
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Will Aim For The Second Screen
    Sony is getting serious about the second screen in its upcoming PlayStation 4 console. We may finally see game programmers and even marketers begin to tap the latent promise of devices interacting and monitoring main-screen game play.
  • Why Jackass' 'Bad Grandpa' Is Crushing Mobile Box Office This Weekend
    Ticketing has quickly and perhaps quietly become one of the big m-commerce wins in the last year. Fandango reports a 63% increase year-over-year in tickets sold via devices in the last year, while 40% of all ticket sales are now mobile.
  • Hulu Finally Starts Marketing Itself On Mobile
    Hulu has started giving mobile users at least a little bit of content for free. About time this TV archive started making a case for its pay products with its best selling point -- content. Now how about making those apps more than dead weight on my deck?
  • Apple Sticks To Premium Legacy, But Is Ceding Tablet Share
    Apple officially cedes the low-end tablet market to competitors. This is probably inevitable and for the best. We need content and marketing that moves more fluidly across a wide range of screen sizes than smartphone, Web and tablet once represented.
  • Well, Of Course Mobile Is Driving Digital Couponing ... Massively
    Mobile is the delivery platform that digital coupons have been waiting for. I just wish more publishers got with the program and made it easier for use to use them on our smartphones.
  • Magazines (Sorta) Evolved: 'Bon Appetit' Tops Tablet Editions in iMonitor Rank
    Tablet editions of leading magazine brands have evolved into nicely designed, modestly enhanced versions of their print counterparts. Alas, the publishers have not done enough to knit their print, Web and tablet experiences together.
  • The (Don't Call It) Podcasting Model And Self-Made Media Environments Get A Second Chance As On-Demand Radio
    Podcasting has always been ahead of the post-mass-media curve. Perhaps too much. It suggests how potent a self-made media environment could be. At the same time, its slow advance suggests only a slice of people really are interested in having that much mastery over their programming day.
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