• Millennial Media Offers Self-Serve Mobile Ad Tools To Broaden The Base
    Taking on the conventional wisdom that flying mobile ad campaigns is still too complex and esoteric for most medium-sized and small businesses, ad platform Millennial Media has brought its mMedia self-serve product out of private beta. Aimed both at developers/publishers and advertisers, the tools may help expand the company's client base by leveraging technology rather than direct sales.
  • Shipping Included? AT&T To Let Apps Pick Up The Data Tab
    AT&T's latest plan to revive its brand image among consumers? Let's have app makers foot the data bill and still not save the customer a penny. Inspired.
  • Wow! How Many Second Screens Would It Take To Make That Oscar Show Interesting?
    It took three different second-screen apps to add up to one fully satisfying experience from last night's Oscars. Of course, the boring telecast put extra pressure on the parallel programming.
  • Second Screens Need To Tame The Social TV Mob
    Social TV can be more overwhelming than helpful in second-screen apps. At yesterday's Tablet Revolution event, we discussed a next generation of apps that will make the social feeds more manageable and visual.
  • Swimsuits Still Rule: SI Gets 482,000 App Downloads
    The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is the magazine franchise that just never seems to let up. The publisher reports this week that 2012 proved to be another banner year for the issue's digital extensions. In addition to attracting a record 34.5 million video views in the last week, it also quickly dominated the Apple App Store. The freemium SI Swimsuit 2012 app was downloaded 482,000 times in its first week.
  • BBB And Wise Giving Foundation Join For Mobile Effort
    The Council of Better Business Bureaus and its BBB Wise Giving Alliance are partnering with the Mobile Giving Alliance to create the BBB Mobile Giving Alliance. The aim of the new group is to provide donors and charities with a safe and trusted way to use its text-to-give programs.
  • Maybe The Oscars App Needs More Slime
    As awards season comes to a blessed close, apps are still experimenting with the right mix of content, social media and engagement tricks in their second-screen apps.
  • "Day Made of Glass" 2: The Tablet Will Be The New Brains Of The Operation
    In the more self-aware sequel to its unwittingly successful "A Day Made of Glass" industrial film of last year, Corning shows us a tablet-centric future. Self-serving to be sure -- but this corporate fantasy shows how important machine-to-machine intelligence is going to become.
  • I'm A Mac...And I'm An iPhone: And We're Getting Married
    Apparently one of the foundations of a post-PC world is one in which the line between desktop and device blurs considerably. Apple announced yesterday the upcoming release of OS X Mountan Lion for the Mac, and it has more than a few direct tie-ins to iOS. Apple is slowly but surely merging the two operating systems into something more seamless.
  • Vendor Study: Few -- Very Few -- Retail Brands Are Truly Mobile-Ready
    Most major retailers continue to offer uneven mobile experiences across platforms, a Zmags-backed study maintains. Even companies with app or mobile Web presence are not providing true shopping experiences that end in a purchase opportunity.
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