• T-Day Overnights: Mobile Seemed To Stay At Home
    Mobile technology seemed to play a greater role from the home yesterday than it did at the stores themselves. IBM's snap report about online retail activity show a big leap in device-based browsing and sales, but TPN's report from the stores showed little in-store app use.
  • Apple Touch ID/iBeacon Destined To Power M-Payments
    As if we didn't see this one coming. In a patent filing, Apple reveals a model for bringing its fingerprint-sensing Touch ID feature together with iBeacon-like check-ins to authorize mobile payments. Now if I could just get my iPhone to recognize my own finger.
  • Millennial Moms Having Better Sex Because Of Mobile?
    Well, maybe. Only a small share admit that mobile spices up their sex lives. But these wives and mothers are remarkably flirtatious over their devices. Erotic emoticons for Mom this Christmas?
  • Apple's PrimeSense Acquisition: Will iBeacon Start Talking Back To Us?
    Finally confirmed and finalized, Apple's acquisition of the 3D sensor firm PrimeSense will spark Apple TV speculation. But the bigger play for Apple may be at retail. This sensor technology is also being used for retail shopper tracking and as motion triggers for in-aisle advertising.
  • Put A Geo-Fence Around That! FCC Considers In-Flight Phone Use
    The FCC is considering dropping the ban on cell phone calling and cellular broadband in-flight. Here is one case where we might welcome marketers in the space -- if they promise to blot out the tedium of listening to strangers' conversations between L.A. and D.C.
  • Data Is the New Content
    Big Data is being put to use by the enterprise, but it can also be harnessed for the good of the user. A new app that gleans from social media where illness outbreaks are occurring is an example of data as content.
  • After All These Years, Why Do The App Stores Still Suck?
    Why can't the three biggest powerhouses in the digital era build better app stores? What did they not get about the revolution they themselves helped spark? A new Pfeiffer Consulting report gives Apple, Google and Amazon a long-overdue dressing down.
  • Seeing Yellow: The Return Of The iPad Screen Obsession
    More than a few iPad fans are wondering why the tech media is not covering a common iPad Air display flaw. Many users are complaining on both the Apple support boards as well as at Macrumors that their units suffer noticeable display unevenness.
  • Building The Perfect Princess: Disney Storybook Apps Now Standard Pre-Release Marketing
    Apps issued in advance of animated film premieres have become standard practice for Disney now. But here is the rub. They are neither crappy or disposable. They actually engage.
  • Apple, Samsung Divide Mobile Cosmos, But Evoke Different Activity
    iPhone and Samsung smartphones enjoy almost equal shares of the U.S. market. Nevertheless, Apple owners continue to excel at drinking, eating, and absorbing content at levels no other set of device owners can approach.
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