• Apple's App Store Search Ads Off To Strong Start
    Apple has officially added Search Ads to its App Store in a move designed to give developers a simple way to show off their apps to potential users. Since the beginning of October, developers have nearly doubled their investment in Search Ads, according to fresh findings from mobile analytics and attribution firm AppsFlyer.
  • More Apps Should Add In-App Messages To Engagement Strategy
    More apps need to make in-app messages part of their engagement strategy, according to new research from Localytics. The study from the analytics firm shows that apps using in-app messaging benefit in two very important ways: higher engagement and higher retention.
  • Vine's Time Has Come -- And Gone
    What the Vine?! Twitter on Thursday said it plans to discontinue the pioneering app "in the coming months."
  • 'Extraordinary' Mobile Growth Driving Local Ad Spending
    Thanks in part to "extraordinary" mobile growth, local ad spending is looking strong, heading into 2017. Next year, in fact, total local ad revenues will increase by 2.4% to $148.8 billion, according to the latest forecast from BIA/Kelsey.
  • U.S. Consumers Not Sold On Mobile Payments
    Worldwide, U.S. shoppers lead the way when it comes to using mobile devices during trips to bricks-and-mortar stores. In fact, when asked where they last used their smartphone or tablet to help them shop, 37% of U.S. shoppers said "in a store" -- one of the highest levels among consumers surveyed in 20 countries -- according to fresh findings from Gfk. Yet, in-store mobile payments still account for only 2% of all U.S. transactions -- a level dramatically lower than China (24%) and other mobile-forward regions, the research firm reports. What gives?
  • Smartwatches Won't Replace Smartphones Anytime Soon
    Brands should be relieved to know that, because of their smaller screens and limited computing power, smartwatches aren't likely to replace smartphones anytime soon. During the third quarter, in fact, total smartwatch volume reached 2.7 million units shipped -- a decline of 51.6% year-over-year, according to the latest findings from IDC.
  • Facebook Offers Instant 360-Degree Gratification
    No matter how cool the content, people don't like waiting for it to load. For better or worse, we're an increasingly inpatient bunch, and, if we're not immediately engaged, we'll just move onto something else. The data makes that clear. With that in mind, Facebook is adding 360 videos and photos to its Instant Articles program.
  • Facebook Repositions App As Recommendation Engine, Key Commerce Channel
    On your phone or desktop, Facebook wants to become a one-stop shop for, well, whatever your friends are into. To that end, the social giant is rolling out some new features deigned to help you solicit suggestions from "friends," and then pursue recommended products and services.
  • Pinterest Playing Matchmaker With 'The Pin Collective'
    Playing matchmaker between brands and content creators, Pinterest just debuted what it's calling The Pin Collective. Per the effort, select publishers, production shops and independent creators are being set up with brands that Pinterest believes they share a connection with. Pin Collective partners should be in a position to provide end-to-end production for everything from Pins to videos to larger creative initiatives.
  • This TV Season, Second-Screeners Seem Chattier Than Ever
    Smartphones in hand (where else would they be?!), TV watchers have never been more eager to share their opinions across Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, from Sept. 19 through 25, the week that officially kicked off fall broadcast season, viewers logged 83.2 million social TV interactions, according to new Nielsen numbers.
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