• Instagram Video Gets A News Channel
    NowThis News is launching an Instagram edition that uses the visual social network to distribute 15-second news items. These micro-video formats are helping everyone reimagine what shape content could and should take for people on the go and mobile social media contexts.
  • Google's Nexus 7 Edges The Android Tablet Forward
    With its slimmer, faster and much higher-res Nexus 7 Google finally shows us a path where Android tablets can seriously erode the iPad mystique.
  • Google Chromecast First Impressions: Not Ready For Prime-Time Player
    The frustrations and shortcomings of Google's Chromecast device precede its many benefits. It is not as seamless as Google would and should have it. And without more app support, it makes a surprisingly limited case for itself out of the box.
  • Smartphone Boom Far From Over, As 4G Blazes And Apple Cools
    The good news for marketers is that smartphone growth continues, as consumers in the U.S. are getting on the 4G express. The bad news, perhaps, is that the phone responsible for the most media use is losing share.
  • Mobile Helps Seal The Deal For Paid Media
    Multi-screen access is helping consumers and media companies revisit the paid digital content model. But we need publishers to stop fetishizing their own content and begin fetishizing their customer experience, product development and use cases.
  • Gazelles At The Watering Hole: Publishers Need Mobile Success Stories
    A rare but candid discussion of mobile's challenges for marketers and publishers happened yesterday at OMMA Premium Display in LA. We need more cases to give advertisers greater confidence in the medium and more daring in getting beyond an impression-based model.
  • Beyond Gamification: Immersion Trumps Engagement
    Marketers can learn more from games than attempting to modify behaviors via rewards and achievements. The other side of gamification is understanding how game aesthetics are uniquely absorbing.
  • Topps Brings Tap And Scan To Big-League Big Cards At FanFest
    Mobile activation of collectible trading cards seems like a no-brainer. But legendary card publisher Topps is only starting to test whether its older-skewing demographic understands or wants to use the technology to enhance their hobby.
  • Cheap At The Price: 90% Of Apps Now Free
    The conversation is over, claims analytics firm Flurry. Mobile ads are the chief source of monetization for this new medium -- apps. Users show little taste for paying for access, and don't even seem very likely to pay to remove ads.
  • Tablet CPCs Surpass Desktop, Even As Volume Levels
    Accelerated by Google's Enhanced Campaign bidding structure, the average cost per click for ads running on tablets finally surpassed, by a nose, the desktop. Meanwhile, the share of spend across the screens stabilized.
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