• Lotame Adds Android Behaviors To Cross-Platform Data Offer
    Data management platform Lotame says it is gaining insight into over 30 million Android platform users by extending its tracking and analytics technologies to smartphone, tablet and even Google TV browsers.
  • Second Screen Saves Opening Ceremony
    As the nurses danced and the Voldemort blow-up doll ascended, I knew I needed some form of validation for my pain. These are the times when we need the second screen to give us on-demand access to an audience -- not media.
  • People Mag Gets Responsive
    People.com has launched a responsive design that shows off some of the potential for making full site content manageable on a smartphone.
  • Next Issue Puts Print On Tap For Serious Mag-aholics
    The most overdue tablet project of them all finally comes to iPad as the consortium of magazine publishers, Next Issue, finally brings its digital magazine all-you-can-eat plan to market.
  • USPS Program Pushes QR Etiquette and M-Commerce But Discourages Marketing
    The Postal Service seems to get it only half-right in its summer 2012 mobile barcode program. On the one hand it encourages best practices for QR use. But it also cut marketers off from much of what can make codes engaging.
  • Trapit Uses Siri AI For Content Discovery On iPad
    A new personal content discovery engine for the iPad uses Siri's AI and learning technology to customize Web browsing on devices. But how is the consumer to distinguish among a number of good personalization experiences?
  • DreamWorks Backs Multimedia Mashup and 'Conversation' App, Ptch
    The next iteration of social video apps may be collaborative mash-ups. DreamWorks-backed Ptch puts professional-grade editing chops to users for multimedia productions they can share and remix.
  • LocalResponse and ShopLocal Target Point-Of-Sale Intent With Pocket Circulars
    In a new partnership between the two companies, social signals from hundreds of millions of posts and check-ins help target high-intent users with circulars they can use in-store.
  • The Showrooming Battle: Coming To A Small Screen Near You
    As consumers move their Web habits to mobile, retailers and manufacturers have to make digital experiences for them that are as fluid and informative as their Web counterparts.
  • SocialCam Gets Instagram Dividend In $60 Million Sale
    While not quite "the next Instagram," the industry had been anticipating, the $60-million sale of video sharing startup SocialCam to Autodesk suggests how much everyone wants a piece of marketing services now.
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