• IAB Rising Stars Get Touchy, Feely and Even Respectful of Users
    the IAB Mobile Rising Stars should get high marks not for being creative so much as for being generally respectful of the mobile user. Most of them keep the user in the app and let her drive the experience.
  • iTunes App Store Food & Drink Category Serves Up The Brands
    A new category in a key segment of the iTunes App Store gives brands like Domino's, Starbucks and Food Network a less cluttered environment in which to reach consumers with recipes and food retail apps.
  • PSP Vita: Dead In The Water, Alive In My Hands
    What a great piece of hardware Sony has given us, and all likely for naught. Sony somehow kept its style, but lost its edge.
  • The Enduring, Predictable, Incredible Lameness Of The Branded Game
    Two iAd campaigns from insurance companies demonstrate yet again why branded games always come off as cynical exercises in tricking us to look.
  • Jo-Ann Stores Knits A Crafty App
    Branded content should be just that -- content. Jo-Ann really over-delivers on the promise with a craft app that lets inspiration do the selling.
  • ABC News For iPad Ditches Globe For Old-Time Editions
    The new and greatly revised version of ABC News' iPad app dispenses with first-gen dazzle at the same time that it tries to invoke a previous century's newspaper convention.
  • Kicking Through Kindle Fire's Smoldering Embers
    Amazon does not act like a company that is fully behind its first-generation tablet. Eight months after releasing the Kindle Fire, the company has been less than aggressive in keeping us interested.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek: Yep, You Can Put A Magazine On A Phone
    Bloomberg Businessweek+ makes its iPhone magazine work not by shrinking the content, but by expanding it in ways that make sense for the mobile context.
  • Second-Screening Print: Magazines Embrace App Companions
    There is another second-screen effort afoot in media land. Magazines are hoping that mobile users will activate print pages with branded magazine apps.
  • Drop-Dead Gorgeous: The Art of Branded App Content
    P&G gets branded content right by making us believe they really are decent publishers who are more interested in informing than selling -- at least for this moment.
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