• Value Connected: The Promise Of An Internet of Things
    The promise of the Internet of things for marketers is the power to connect us more effectively with the people and things that are integral to our everyday lives. It is not "value add," but finding and connecting what is valuable to people.
  • ABC News Social Soundtracker Dubiously App-ifies The Laugh Track
    ABC News strips down the second-screen experience to a series of emoticons and canned audio feedback. They call it an "emotional intelligence layer" -- but there is something regressive about seeing the mechanical audience response track restored.
  • The Crowd's All Here: Tapping Into The Event Stream
    The wesawit app lets you drop into the party, just about anywhere, by aggregating the visual streams of content that people are producing at live events nationwide. The experience it creates is unique, and speaks to the way that mobility plays with our traditional sense of place.
  • M-Commerce Is Enlarging E-Commerce Pie
    Online buying may not just be migrating to devices. M-commerce may actually be helping e-commerce to expand more rapidly because people now have more reason and opportunity to shop outside of stores and even off of the desktop.
  • Yes, Even Grocery Shoppers Say They Want Mobile Services... And The Power To Tell Off Their Store
    Even grocery shoppers are starting to consider how mobile apps can fit into their in-store shopping routine. Surprisingly, one of the things they want most is a voice.
  • Tumblr Brings Its Native Ad Format To Mobile
    The creative sponsored posts Tumblr introduced to its Web property a year ago finally migrate to mobile this week. And they remind us that good native advertising forces marketers to think differently.
  • Twitter Makes Its Second-Screen Moves With BBC America Partnership
    BBC America has partnered with Twitter to Tweet video clips that are synchronized to on-air programming. It is quite possible that Twitter's narrow stream of content is really all most TV viewers want in a second-screen experience.
  • Twitter's Very Media Savvy Music App Has A Good Beat And You Can Dance To It
    Twitter's new music app may be what it looks like when a social network seriously strives to be a media company. It has crafted a very compelling music discovery tool that also renders kludgy content into something elegant.
  • Devices Getting 20% Of Search Budgets As Spending Soars
    The share of mobile clicks and spend in search advertising is moving -- just as quickly as everything else -- from desktop to devices.
  • Viewers May Like The Idea Of TV Network Apps More Than They Actually Use Them
    When it comes to second-screen synchronized viewing, viewers seem to be as much in test mode as the networks and advertisers are. GfK research found that about half of those who have a TV network on their devices have tried it with synchronized content.
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