• You Are The Context: Mobile Is A Behavior, Not A Channel
    Follow the data and the behaviors they register, not just the media. Mobility radically redefines "context" in ways that we are just beginning to appreciate.
  • Mobile News Soars, Pew Finds
    As in so many other types of media, mobile came from nowhere less than 10 years ago to dominate news consumption, besting desktops and increasingly displacing traditional media like newspapers.
  • Study: One Third Of Babies Use Mobile Devices
    The mobile revolution is changing everything -- and I mean everything, including early childhood. This week brought the publication of a new study of mobile device usage by babies and toddlers from the UC San Diego School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics. Among the study's fairly disturbing findings was this tidbit: One third of babies brought to a clinic serving a low-income urban area were using mobile devices before they could walk or talk.
  • Mobile Bookings Spike As On-Call Economy Becomes The Norm
    Mobile bookings at Hotels.com are up substantially in 2014, driven by same-day and next-day room reservations. It begs the question of how much mobility impacts our expectations of all goods and services. The world is now on-call for us.
  • Everyone On Earth Launches Apple Watch Apps
    Every single person on the planet launched an app for Apple Watch this week. OK, that may be a slight overstatement, but there are seriously, like, a cubic buttload of Watch apps out there.
  • Mobile Ad Spend Is Going Local
    Digital ad spend may be continuing its double-digit growth, but those revenues will be pouring fastest into local markets, two forecasting companies predict. Clearly, mobility is driving the increased value of the location data point
  • Going Places: PlaceIQ Expanding Overseas
    Mobile data and cross-platform analytics firm PlaceIQ is launching a major international expansion with a new division covering Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the company announced today. Led by General Manager Mandeep Mason, formerly of Microsoft, the new division is kicking off in the UK with other countries to follow.
  • Survey: Most Young Workers Would Quit Jobs Over Mobile Access
    While some bosses may worry their younger employees are wasting time on mobile devices -- and are probably entirely correct about this -- they would be well advised to let sleeping dogs lie and millennials be millennials. Because younger workers might well quit if they aren't allowed to use mobile devices at work for non-work-related purposes, according to a poll of 3,500 professionals worldwide conducted by Harris Poll for MobileIron
  • How Is Mobile Still A Thing?: Mobile Insider Summit Preview
    At this point the overwhelming majority of social media interactions and most video and search activity is happening on a device. Is "mobile" even a distinction worth making anymore, when so much digital activity has migrated off of the desktop?
  • Snaps Helps Brands Tap Into Emojis
    What started as a simple smile or wink in chat rooms years ago has now become an art form, opening an entire universe of emotional expression, humor, and just plain weirdness. I'm speaking of course of the emoji, which some might argue is now the dominant form of personal expression for many people under the age of 18. And as always with an emergent youth culture phenomenon, brands aren't far behind.
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