• Captain Morgan Blasts Onto Mobile With A Pirate Social Game Worth Playing
    Most advergames still just plain suck. But in one of its first forays into mobile, the Captain Morgan brand out maneuvers a lot of others who have been trying to game-ify their mobile relationship to consumers. Play on, Captain.
  • Smartphones Rule the Evening, iPads Own the Night
    After-hours shopping online is dominated by devices, a new Bazaarvoice study finds. In fact, retailers looking for overnight bargain hunters should focus on the iPad, which is where insomniac shoppers seem to dwell.
  • Email Preferred Over SMS For Promotions, Especially In U.S.
    SMS is not poised to replace email when it comes to brand offers and store promotions. A worldwide survey shows almost universal preference -- for now -- for marketers to approach us via the in-box.
  • Hardly Hungry: Fandango Posts Record Mobile Ticket Sale Weekend
    Mix a youth-oriented, ravenously awaited film blockbuster with the medium of choice for a new generation and you have a record waiting to be broken. With the premiere of "The Hunger Games" last week, the mobile and online movie guide and ticketing service Fandango set a new record for its mobile ticket sales over the weekend.
  • LTE Hype? Only 6% of iPad Sessions Use Cellular
    Regardless of the reviewer love showered on the new iPad's LTE by the geekocracy, Localytics metrics show precious few people using cellular connections from tablets.
  • Lincoln's 'Mad Men'-Era Ad Phones In A Contemporary Touch
    Commemorating the return of the "Mad Men" series this Sunday night in its new, marvelously creative "Heritage" issue, "Newsweek" recreated its mid-sixties look and feel throughout. Ads in the issue were likewise charged with crafting ads that look as if they could have been in a circa-60s news magazine. All of the retro ads are collected at Newsweek/Daily Beast's site for voting.
  • How About Ads For Megabytes? Or How Much Did That Streaming Media Ad Just Cost Me?
    LTE is all fun and games until someone sees the bill. As we watch our data usage the way we used to monitor SMS and talk, marketers might want to subsidize our new data addiction.
  • More Portable Than Mobile: 90% of Tablet Use Over WiFi
    According to one report, all but 10% of tablet use is occurring over WiFi connections. Until the business models for data catch up to the gadgets, tablets will be portable rather than truly mobile platforms.
  • Mobile Car Shoppers Want Model Info, Photos
    The mobile platform has become indispensable for people in the market for a new car. According to local mobile ad network Verve and its survey of 235 people traveling across 1700 publisher sites, 71% say they are interested in using mobile (smartphone or tablet) as tools in shopping for a car.
  • Smartphones Are Crushing Camera Market, So Why Aren't Marketers Noticing?
    According to a report last week from Bloomberg, smartphones are not just slowing the growth of digital cameras or shaving off the edges of the low-end market. The quality and ubiquity of smartphone photography is beginning to eat away at the traditional camera market. Digital camera shipments may fall 4.3% this year, and it isn't just the low end that is hurting.
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