• Mobile IPO Rings Hollow
    Given the frothy atmosphere surrounding mobile at the start of 2010, perhaps it was inevitable initial public offering filings would begin to surface as companies seek to cash in on investor hopes of a mobile gold rush. Bellevue, Wa.-based mobile software and services provider Motricity last week filed for an IPO to raise up to $250 million. And on Thursday, New York-based ringtone company Vringo filed with the SEC to raise up $64.3 million in an IPO.
  • The iPad's No-Problem Problem
    Haven't seen enough commentary and analysis on the iPad yet? As the smoke clears on the world's most hyped product launch ever, one thing that seems clear is that the Apple tablet isn't the answer to a particular problem.
  • Tablet A Head-To-Head Test For AT&T, Verizon?
    After months of breathless hype and speculation, Tablet Day is here. The geek Super Bowl a week before the actual thing. One of the rumors surrounding the announcement is that the tablet would be offered through the 3G networks of both AT&T and Verizon Wireless.
  • Motorola Throws Google Under The Bus
    Other U.S. corporations doing business in China may admire Google's tough stand against the country's government over Internet censorship and cyber attacks, but that doesn't doesn't mean they're prepared to exit the country along with Google. Far from it. Take Motorola, for example.
  • Sacred Tablet Won't Be Newspaper Savior
    Don't count on the imminent launch of the Apple tablet, or any tablet device for that matter, to save newspapers. So says Gartner analyst Allen Weiner in a recent analysis tempering high hopes about the tablet as the instrument of a newspaper industry revival.
  • 'Fragmentation' Still Mobile Watchword In 2010
    A recent report by Forrester analyst Thomas Husson on mobile trends for 2010 emphasizes that fragmentation will continue to be a defining element of the mobile Web. It's a good point to keep in mind in light of recent forecasts from Morgan Stanley and Gartner predicting the mobile Web will outstrip the desktop version in the next several years. Hasn't the reach of the mobile device always been a big part of its promise as a marketing vehicle?
  • Report: Android Chasing iPhone In Mobile Ad Share
    Don't turn around Apple, Android may be gaining on you. Google's mobile operating system accounted for more than a quarter (27%) of U.S. ad requests on smartphones in the fourth quarter, according to the latest metrics from AdMob.
  • Mobile M&A Keeps Rolling
    The hot M&A market in mobile advertising continued with Norwegian browser maker Opera Software today announcing it's acquiring San Mateo, Calif.-based startup . The reported purchase price of $8 million, plus $15 million in cash if certain financial goals are met in the next two years, is nowhere near the $750 million Google bid for AdMob or the $275 million Apple is said to be paying for Quattro Wireless. But it continues a steady pattern of mobile ad deals that most recently saw Amobee buying UK-based mobile ad exchange RingRing Media for an undisclosed amount.
  • Apple Ready To Take On Amazon?
    With The Wall Street Journalreporting Apple is in talks to with HarperCollins to offer books through the company's forthcoming tablet computer, it looks like Steve Jobs is already fashioning Cupertino's answer to the Kindle.
  • Latest AT&T SNAFU Snares Facebook
    With AT&T rushing to match lower Verizon Wireless pricing on voice and data plans on Friday, the carrier managed to shift attention away from the recent focus on its network difficulties, especially when it comes to servicing iPhone customers. That didn't last long.
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