• Texting's Biggest Moment Since 'American Idol'
    Think back to Hurricane Katrina. Everybody, it seemed, wanted to help. Every publicist with a list reached out to it, or created an event -- from impromptu meetings at bars to speedily assembled but full-fledged fundraisers. And all of those people deserve a lot of credit for the speed and generosity with which they acted. And their efforts resulted in tens of millions of dollars being raised in the first week. But however quickly they acted, it simply couldn't be as fast as this: "Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCross relief."
  • Cox Promises 'Unbelievable' Fairness As Wireless Provider
    Cox Communications has kicked off a campaign touting its forthcoming wireless service with the tagline "Unbelievable fair" in TV spots as well as launching a related Web site, unbelieveablyfair.com.
  • Nexus One's Weak Opening Week
    Under the newly established media practice of treating smartphone launches like blockbuster movie premieres, the debut of the Nexus One would have to be considered a flop. With 20,000 units sold in its first week, according to a new estimate from mobile analytics provider Flurry, Google's own phone was outsold by the Android-based myTouch by three times, the Droid more than 12 times, and the iPhone 3 GS 80 times in the same period. So much for the latest iPhone killer.
  • To Catch A Thief
    The discovery of a phishing application posing as the official banking app of First Tech Credit Union in the Android Market has naturally raised questions about the approval process for Google's app storefront. Until now, the relative ease of getting an app into the Android Market has generally been hailed as a welcome alternative to the overly restrictive and arbitrary oversight Apple exercises over its App Store.
  • The Mobile Game Changer: The Next Generation
    With the big news that Leno is moving back out to late night percolating through the wires this weekend, the bigger picture came out of CES, buried amid gizmos and smart-Fords and tablets: Regardless of when or where Leno, Conan and Fallon air, it might be your phone that's delivering them to your TV sooner than you think.
  • Android Invades Apple's Turf
    With AT&T announcing plans this week to launch five Android phones in 2010, the epic mobile contest shaping up between Google and Apple is sure to intensify.
  • BlackBerry's Turn To Enlist Endorser-in-Chief?
    Now's the chance for BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion to seize the spotlight from Apple and Google in the smartphone wars. RIM can thank the Weatherproof Garment Company for opening up a new marketing opportunity after it put up a billboard in Times Square this week showing President Obama wearing what looks like one of its coats.
  • Does the Google Phone Need a $100 Million Push?
    Among the ways Google aims to defy conventional wisdom with the Nexus One -- besides selling the unlocked device directly online--is not to promote it with a splashy cross-media ad blitz. Don't expect a $100 million campaign with a series of high-impact TV commercials like that which accompanied the roll out of the Droid.
  • The Chosen (Nexus) One Arrives
    Frenzied speculation about the Nexus One finally climaxed today as Google unveiled its very own answer to the iPhone in an event at the company's Mountain View, Calif. headquarters. Confirming previously leaked details, Google plans to sell what it calls its "superphone" directly through Google.com/phone for $530 unlocked or $180 through a contract with T-Mobile
  • Mobile Internet Report Everywhere (Get Used To It)
    Morgan Stanley's Mobile Internet Report, released only a few weeks ago, is already taking on the air of a self-fulfilling prophecy as it finds its way into mobile industry announcements and business plans. Predicting more people will connect to the Internet via mobile devices than PCs in five years, the report is helping to spark a new wave of mobile hype at the start of 2010 that will likely carry over throughout the year.
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