• Local Search Super-Users Leading The Way
    Less than a quarter of local mobile search users are responsible for about half of searches done on devices, according to a new study. But even among average users, mobile search is rivaling the PC in some categories.
  • Yo, Desktop! We Never Liked You That Much, Anyway: PC Exodus Quickens
    The mobile platform is quickly earning the status of "first screens," as several metrics released today show just how fast and furious the migration to device-based interactivity has become.
  • Freemium Rules: Apps Earn Their Keep, Dominate Mobile Revenue
    In just two years, the freemium model has overwhelmed the app economy to become the clear growth and revenue driver. Dare we say it is also a model more friendly to marketers, consumers and creativity?
  • My Apple 'Genius' Just Disintermediated Himself
    A recent forced march to the increasingly unpleasant Apple Store experience underscored just how much mobile technology has altered the dynamic between consumer and salesperson. Who is the "genius" now?
  • Opera Sings: iOS, Sports, Apps Driving Mobile Ad Revenue
    iOS continues to dominate mobile monetization for publishers, according to one of the largest ad platforms globally, Opera. Sports has emerged as a key category in generating revenue.
  • Second Screen, Third Screen, Fourth Screen, More
    It was clear from yesterday''s discussion of second-screen interactivity at OMMA Video on Devices that the creative juices are already flowing among programmers around how to enhance the viewer experience without disrupting it.
  • Time To Be Responsive...But To What?
    Time.com's new responsive design is nice work...so far as it goes. "Responsive design" is a misnomer, since it responds to the device and screen, not the user needs.
  • Imagine AR Becoming A Reflex
    Hardware is becoming robust enough and network speeds fast enough to help augmented reality designers move this promising platform beyond cool proof-of-concept tests. A new age of creatively knitting together real and virtual worlds is upon us.
  • Mobile Point-Of-Sale Payments On Staggering Growth Path
    eMarketer is predicting triple-digit rates of growth over the next few years for "proximity payments," using phones as a payment vehicle at retail points of sale. Routine purchases of everyday goods with mobile POS will bring the model mainstream.
  • Cooking Up The Case For Mobile
    Overshadowed by the living room 'second screen' phenomenon, the kitchen use case for smartphones and devices may be the real money-maker for brands. Isn't this location closest to the most routine buying decisions?
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