• Facebook Puts 'Freebooters' On Notice
    The social giant is improving its Rights Manager tool, including further automating the process of detecting and deleting stolen video. Now, rights owners can instruct Facebook's system to take specific actions whenever it finds matched content on its platform.
  • Facebook Redoubles Efforts To Fight 'Information Operations'
    Expanding its war on "false news," Facebook just released a broad plan to stop bad actors from spreading misinformation on its platform.
  • Facebook Touts Instagram's Growth
    Another day, another milestone for Facebook's favorite son. Yes, Instagram has surpassed 700 million monthly active users, the Facebook unit announced on Wednesday.
  • Influencers Set For $1B+ Payday On Instagram, Despite FTC Warning Bells
    By 2019, the sponsorship money Instagram influencers get is on pace to more than double -- from about $1 billion this year to nearly $2.4 billion -- according to recent estimates from Mediakix. Unfortunately, the Federal Trade Commission is threatening to spoil the party for influencers if they don't do a better job of disclosing their financial arrangements with sponsors.
  • 'NY Times' Finally Joins Snapchat Discover
    Does The New York Times joining Snapchat Discover lend an air of respectability to a new platform, and breathe new life into an aging publisher? That's obviously what the partners are planning -- but only time will tell.
  • Samsung Sets Google Play Music As Default Player
    Starting with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ -- which just made their domestic debut -- the South Korean tech giant will also be inviting users to upload as many as 100,000 songs to Google Play Music... for free.
  • Is Facebook Fumbling 'Fake News' Fight?
    Official word from Facebook is that it's winning the war on "fake news." Behind the scenes, however, the social giant seems to be scrambling for reinforcements.
  • Smaller Gaming Apps Are Eating Market Leaders' Lunch
    While the market for mobile games appears to be maturing, it's still growing at a healthy clip. From 2015 to 2016, related revenue grew by about 7% -- from $5.75 billion to $6.15 billion -- according to fresh estimates from SEGA Networks and Sensor Tower. And among other trends to watch, smaller mobile developers continue to steal market share from the bigger players.
  • Twitter's Really Excited About New In-Stream Video Ads
    Ahead of the NewFronts, Twitter on Tuesday began rolling out in-stream video ads. And, the struggling social giant seems very confident that the new offering will be a hit among brand partners.
  • Consumers Can Stomach Ads In News Feeds, Research Shows
    Consumers are most critical of ads that run on their most personal device: smartphones. That said, mobile users are more critical of some ads than other. Luckily for Facebook and similar platforms, 67% of users say social video ads -- the ones that appear in their News Feed -- do not disturb their browsing experience.
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