• Welcome...Again: AOL App Recalls Its Early Portal Identity
    AOL's new and good app for tablets recalls its roots as an entryway to the Internet for newbies. Yet it also has some of the learnings acquired by HuffPo, engadget and many mobile experiments that seemed to fall outside of industry radar.
  • USA Network Runs With Onion Spoof In Near Real-Time
    When The Onion satirized USA Network programming in a mock entertainment spot, USA joined the joke. Imagine a day when media companies can use social channels to have good-hearted fun with one another.
  • Retailer Mobile IQ Still Lacks Cross-Screen Smarts
    Despite the enormous amount of prime-time retail site viewing on tablets, specialty retailers so far are ignoring this third screen. Most are hoping their standard desktop sites won't frustrate users with their untouchable interfaces and illegible text.
  • Mobile Display RIP...No, Wait
    A number of emerging segments more than doubled their mobile spend on Millennial's ad network this past year, as did its largest segment, telecom. It makes one wonder about the pronouncements of mobile advertising's 'failure.'
  • For Younger Users, Data And Bandwidth Will Be A New Currency
    Younger mobile users understand all too well the value of the data channel, because they are the leaders in migrating voice and messaging services into app platforms. The network operators will be looking for partnerships and models that help them recapture revenues that they may quickly lose from their traditional cash cows.
  • Mobility Means Walmart Can Sell You Toothpaste At A Bus Stop
    Walmart and P&G have turned 50 Toronto bus shelters into mobile shopping opportunities. The effort underscores how mobility dissolves traditional and even new media connections between brands and specific times and places. Any shopper anywhere is now up for grabs,
  • Mobile Transactions To Top $3.2 Trillion In 2017...Unless They Don't
    The sky is the limit when it comes to predictions about how much of the digital commerce economy will go to devices. In the end, it all comes down to the most unpredictable variable of them all -- a change in behaviors.
  • DailyBreak Brings Its Native Ad Model To Mobile
    DailyBreak has launched a mobile app with its first mobile branded campaign. In some sense, this model of branded gaming makes a bit more sense on devices than on the desktop, and it might scale better.
  • How Tuned In Are Second-Screen Users, Really?
    The metrics around second-screen use and the occasional linkage viewers make between the two displays may give programmers and advertisers good reason to court the distracted viewer. But I am not sure we have yet a full appreciation for how and why people 'second screen' and how it relates to the TV experience.
  • Facebook Targets The Mobile Cookie Problem
    Part of Facebook's pitch to marketers is that its first-party data sets on users stand out especially well on mobile platforms where everyone is learning to live without the cookie. Okay -- but I am still waiting for FB ads in my feeds that are more carefully targeted than poker games and tax software.
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