• The Infographic Of You: Foursquare Visualizes Your Check-Ins
    Foursquare's fun ad integration with Samsung hints at the ways that media and marketers can harness people's own data in entertaining ways. You are the infographic.
  • Ahhhh....Results: Coca-Cola Digital-First Campaign Attracts 2.1 Million
    The early results from the Coke Ahhh.com project suggest that an ambitious mobile content marketing effort can achieve both reach and engagement. Teens are spending two minutes at a time with the mini-game hub.
  • Amazon, Toyota, Google Lead As Almost All Top Advertisers Mobilize
    Virtually all of the top 100 brands have executed mobile ad campaigns in the last 9 months, and a clear majority of the top 1,000 brands have mobilized as well.
  • Tell Me My Story: Disney Helps Shape User-Generated Mobile Media
    Disney's Story app is a rudimentary example of a media company helping the user manage the chaotic mess of personal media her devices are generating now. If users are the new media makers, then traditional media companies have to find creative ways into that stream of content.
  • A QR Code Walks Into A Zoo...
    Using QR and other mobile codes to "activate" Web content in response to a scan seems a meager goal compared to the possibilities brands have to activate moments, places and things in ways the desktop Web never could.
  • The Hills Are Alive With Rumors Of Ad-Supported 'iRadio'
    The tech buzzocrats are buzzing over Apple's reported launch of a streaming music service and a shift in the iAds platform toward in-stream audio ads. I am more interested in whether they actually innovate on the mobile, perssonal radio experience.
  • M-Vid Has Big Mo: 40% Of U.S. YouTube Views Now On Devices
    Video may be mobilizing faster than many of us expected, especially as younger users see streaming media as the content type of choice. This is one place where we may not see a mobile monetization gap.
  • The Millennial Difference: Half Of All Video Views At BuzzFeed Are Now Mobile
    Even if you and I are not using our phones to view much video, our kids are, BuzzFeed's Millennial audience is already viewing 50% of the site's video on devices.
  • Coke's Ahh Moments: The Mobile Pauses That Continue To Refresh
    Coke's Ahh project is still going strong months after it first brought its regular flow of silly branded games and tchotchkes to smartphones. It is one of the best content marketing campaigns we have seen on mobile.
  • Kantar: iOS Outpacing Android, Windows Phones Start To Budge From Behind
    Android still has majority market share in the U.S., but iOS has shown the more rapid growth. Suddenly, however, Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 becomes an interesting third player attracting feature phone upgraders and youth.
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