• Apple iTunes 11 Suggests More To Come
    In its first major user interface rethink in years, Apple releases a new look to iTunes. A number of the changes feel like hooks that anticipate expanded subscription service that may be to come.
  • Call Me Later: Learning To Stay Out Of The User's Way
    The recent Millward Brown study of receptivity to mobile ads also shows just how focused the mobile user is on what they want to do. How about creating ad units designed to get out of their way, for now?
  • My Geo-Fence Just Saved Me $10...I Think
    When a truly relevant and valuable offer hits me at just the right time and place, the "creepiness" of geo-fencing pretty much melts away. Instead, I start wondering what I might be missing without these tools.
  • Cyber Monday Mobile Payments Up 195% For PayPal
    PayPal experiences a substantial triple-digit spike in m-payment activity this holiday cycle, suggesting increasing consumer comfort with paying via smartphone. Could the mobile device evolve into an untethered "Buy" button?
  • Smile: Instagram Finds Its Way Into The Thanksgiving Picture
    Instagram saw its busiest day ever on Thanksgiving, with over 10 million holiday-themed posts. The company is still trying to find its way into the commercial picture, however.
  • M-Shopping: The Whole World View
    With mobile handsets serving as first ports of entry onto the Internet in many global economies, the level of m-shopping is even greater outside of U.S. shores. The share of traffic coming to e-commerce sites from devices suggests an impending spike in m-commerce activity.
  • Less-Than-Epic Fails Of Mobile Retail Sites
    The little slips and failures at many retailer mobile sites this year actually underscore how far many have come so quickly in being mobile-ready this holiday.
  • For Retail, Mobile Ads Are All About The Traffic
    Retail and restaurants are the third-biggest spender on mobile display advertising in Millennial Media's network, and the vast majority of those campaigns are aimed at moving customers to visit or buy on the spot.
  • PayPal Says 2012 Was A Year For M-Payment Testing Overseas
    PayPal is experimenting with a range of in and around-store m-payment models in Amsterdam, Australia and France. They also seem to be testing their pitch to retailers about how this adds value for them.
  • Ben & Jerry's Develops New Instagram Flavor...Local Fame
    Ben & Jerry's uses a global social net, Instagram, to go local in an inspired way. The #CaptureEuphoria program will reveal the neighborhood Cherry Garcia lovers in your midst.
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