• Getting Bullish On Facebook's Mobile Ads
    The early returns on mobile ad performance in Facebook's Newsfeed appear to be positive. In click-through and engagement they handily beat their desktop-bound cousins.
  • Retailer Apps May Be Winning The Showrooming War
    After letting third-party shopping apps get a head start on in-store shopping utility, retailers appear to be gaining back customer mindshare with their branded app experiences.
  • Programmers Use Second Screen To Make An End Run Around Super Bowl
    Instead of rolling over and playing dead against the indomitable Super Bowl this Sunday, some networks are using the second screen as an alternate distribution channel.
  • Outside Our Bubble: Mobile - 'Ewww! What a Mess'
    When agency executives are not focused on touting the great promise of mobile, they usually express dismay and befuddlement over the sheer messiness of this platform.
  • Twitter's Vine Shows That 6-Second Video Is Not 'The New 140 Characters'
    Twitter's newly released Vine app tries to bring the spirit of the 140-character text post to video. This may prove to be a more promising platform for marketers than for users, however.
  • Fumbling For The Remote
    As much as most of us hate being held hostage by a pile of dumb remote controls, it will take a while before this functionality transitions to smartphones. The potential here is vast, however.
  • Insta-Journalism Mobilizes
    This week's Presidential Inauguration highlighted just how quickly mobile technology has turned user-generated content into something akin to traditional media.
  • The Lost Luster Of The Juicy Apple Rumor
    Apple clearly is coming down to Earth after years as the Olympian brand that led the market. This may be a good thing, as the focus moves away from gadgets and toward us and what we make of connectivity.
  • Uh, Oh - A 'Year Of The Tablet?'
    In its revised projections for ad revenue in coming years, Magna Global underscored the increased importance of tablets in media consumption, calling it an important development that affects all other media.
  • Apple And Best Buy Lead In Mobile Satisfaction - But Walmart Makes The Sales
    Mobile shoppers actually end up giving many of the major brick-and-mortar retailers decent marks when it comes to their portable experiences. But without a multichannel approach, even mobile-savvy marketers can lose the customer.
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