• Is 120 Sports What Mobile-First Video Looks Like: FOMO TV?
    Ambitious in its aim to put devices first in its video production and distribution strategy, 120 Sports lets us ponder in what directions mobile-centric streaming media might pivot from TV and digital video as we have known them.
  • How Telecom Companies Advertise In Their Own Medium
    New research released today by mobile ad network Millennial Media shows that telecom ranked as the third highest-spending category in the first quarter, behind retail and entertainment. The report doesn't reveal actual dollar figures for spending, but it spotlights how telecom companies are using the platform to try to reel in new customers.
  • Android TV Just Gave My TV A Panic Attack
    Google adds to the mess that is the living room war over the TV screen. Bringing little more to the party than some search tricks and games, it just adds to consumer confusion over what is happening to their old lean-back experience.
  • Nook To Go It Alone
    Barnes & Noble today said it would split its retail and Nook Media businesses into two separate public companies to give each a better chance of success.The move comes as the Nook business has continued to struggle with heavy losses, reporting a 22% sales decline in the company's fourth quarter to $87 million, and 35.2% to $506 million for the full fiscal year.
  • The 'Uncarrier' Can't Shake 'Uncoverage' Image
    T-Mobile has a long way to go to convince consumers it can go toe to toe with the nation's largest wireless carrier when it comes to network coverage. A new survey from NPG Group finds that only 2% of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless customers think T-Mobile is the top carrier for network coverage and speed. Overcoming the perception that its network is not up to the task is a challenge for T-Mobile as it tries to pull customers away from its larger rivals.
  • Google Wants Women...No, Not In The Creepy Way
    Google has opened a new effort to attract girls to the art and science of coding. Yeah, it is pink. But beyond that, the site tries to make a dent in a massive underrepresentation of women in a field that is truly building the future.
  • Foursquare Boasts National Brands - What About SMBs?
    As a company known for mapping out people's movements, Foursquare's own pathway has never been easy to figure out. After starting out as a way to keep tabs on friends' whereabouts via check-ins, it shifted in recent years to serving as a local search and recommendations tool. Its latest step has been to split those functions into two apps. The unbundling of apps is a trend most evident with Facebook's stated plan to roll out a series of stand-alone apps to fit the way people mostly access content on mobile devices -- by single-purpose apps.
  • Is The Amazon Fire Even Warm?
    It's not clear who Amazon is trying to sway with the pricing, design and positioning of the Fire phone. Hasn't the high-end user who would most enjoy the technical innovation already invested deeply in another OS?
  • Mobile Meets The Global Game On World Stage
    As the world's most popular sport, soccer is a natural fit with mobile as a truly global communications technology. Wherever a soccer ball is kicked from a South African township to a Cairo side street to the Rio favelas, mobile devices are likely to be found. The World Cup only underscores that reality as fans globally tune in via a range of devices to keep up with the action as the tournament unfolds in Brazil
  • What Will Be The CueCat Of The Wearable Era?
    Which of today's growing field of Web-connected devices will be tomorrow's equivalent of the Apple Newton or PalmPilot? A recent "Consumer Reports" article spotlighting electronic devices that have faded away in recent years, rendered obsolete by a new generation of technology, brings to mind how short-lived the life of gadgets can be.
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