• Android Now Walks Your Dog, Does Laundry
    OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but only slightly. Google previewed the new version of its Android operating system at its Google I/O developers' conference on Thursday, and although it's not quite ready to hit the road, "Android M" will boast a whole array of new features, including a new mobile payment system, Android Pay, that makes it a serious rival to Apple Pay.
  • Meeker Deck 2015: Time To Change Orientation
    One of the most interesting insights from Mary Meeker's annual deck of Internet stats was the massive growth of media consumption on a vertically oriented screen. The default aspect ratios for a century of video is losing its preeminence.
  • Snapchat Users, Active On Mobile, Watch 2 Billion Videos A Day
    Snapchat has 100 million users who watch an astonishing two billion videos per day, according to founder and CEO Evan Spiegel, who shared the latest figures with Bloomberg in an article published this week. That's half the volume of videos viewed on Facebook, even though the latter is bigger by an order of magnitude. Even more impressive, Snapchat claims that 60% of smartphone users aged 13 to 34 are active on the service.
  • Mobile Rising, But Desktop Isn't Declining
    Although the percentages might suggest otherwise, the rise of mobile Internet access doesn't spell the decline of desktop. Instead mobile Internet use appears to be additive to desktop Internet, the Wall Street Journal's CMO blog points out, citing data from comScore and online analytics firm Chartbeat.
  • Mobile Search Ads Influence In-Store Sales, Google Finds
    Mobile search ads have a significant impact on consumers' in-store purchase decisions, according to new research from Google first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The results suggest that Google is getting closer to untangling one of the most vexing issues in digital marketing, by giving digital ads proper credit for their role in prompting brick-and-mortar purchases.
  • Playboy Launches Mobile App, No Skin
    Playboy has launched a new mobile app, called Playboy Now -- but let's clarify right now that there are no nudie pictures included. Instead of the pub's legendary cheesecake, the app will focus on its equally legendary articles, which have allowed generations of men to explain away those well-thumbed magazines by the john. It's not porn, it's intellectual, see?
  • Adblock Plus Comes To Mobile
    Ad blocking is no longer limited to desktop browsers, with this week's announcement that Adblock Plus is launching its own mobile browser with ad-blocking capabilities built in.
  • Google Buy Button Coming To Mobile Search Results
    Rumors are circulating that Google will introduce a "buy" button in mobile search results some time in the next few weeks. According to various press reports, the buy button will allow consumers to search and compare products, as well as choose colors and sizes at retailers like Macy's, which is one of the big companies in talks with Google about using the feature.
  • Euro Carriers Considering Nuclear Option: May 'Bomb' Mobile Ads
    Some European mobile carriers may let their customers opt into ad-free service that blocks most forms of mobile advertising -- and at least one operator contemplates dropping the hammer specifically on Google.
  • Marriott Lets You Text The Concierge
    In the latest incarnation of the mobile revolution to hit the hospitality business, Marriott has launched a feature on its mobile app called Mobile Requests, which allows members of its loyalty program to text requests to the concierge. It's currently in a test phase with 46 properties and will later roll out to all Marriott properties around the world, if successful.
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