• Mini-mize Me: Yup, I Am An HD Brat
    Oh, no -- many of the gadget geeks were right. The iPad Mini's display really does feel like a step backward in our otherwise relentless march toward HD-topia.
  • It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Tablet Christmas
    Get your Web site apps ready for an onslaught of post-holiday activity after a wave of tablet sales. But there is no telling this time which of many devices will attract gift-givers.
  • Mobile Holiday: Year Two
    Get ready for the holiday rush...of stats and surveys showing how fully the shopping process is mobilizing. In reality, shopping is becoming multichannel, and so the trick is understanding mobile's place, not touting its dominance.
  • The M-Election: Mobility Enhances Donations And Citizen Scrutiny
    With 10% of contributors using mobile donations in this cycle, mobile proved to be a bulwark of fundraising. It is also turning every event-goer into a citizen journalist.
  • Will The 'Mini' And Pint-Sized Tablets Affect User Behaviors?
    Until the introduction of the iPad Mini the smaller tablet gadgets felt more like e-readers with benefits. New metrics from Onswipe suggest that device size does impact some basic consumption and sharing behaviors.
  • DC Mobilizes Its Digital Distribution, Spikes 200%
    Kudos to DC, home of Superman, Batman, Swamp Thing, and more recently the daring reboot of its entire superhero line of comics in an attempt to make the genre accessible to newbies. DC is moving beyond selling only the larger graphic novels across platforms, and this week introduced single-issue digital distribution through Apple's iBooks, Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nooks.
  • Elevating Apps...By Restricting Them
    The desire for uniform app ratings to enable parental controls is understandable. An unintended consequence of content ratings is that it gives a new medium permission to get more serious about itself.
  • Mobile People Meter Reveals How Disaster Affects Behavior
    By tracking the locations people visited before and during Sandy's assault on the Northeast, we don't get as many surprises as we do a hint of how mobile metrics can quantify even the obvious in helpful ways.
  • The Campaign Goes AR: Should (Augmented) Reality Be Biddable?
    An artful use of AR to trigger Obama and Romney campaign interactions off of $5 and $10 bills raises an interesting question about how marketers might bid on the AR rights to everyday objects.
  • Targeting Both Place And Time Critical To Mobile Ad Effectiveness
    Leveraging data from its own mobile ad network and location profiling from PlaceIQ, Jumptap makes the case for joining hyperlocal with daypart targeting.
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