• The Revenge Of The Carrier: ISIS and T-Mobile Release Wallet Test App
    The first test application for the ISIS consortium NFC payment system launched into the Google Play market this week. The poorly explained test app befuddled users, but also exposed some of the tensions that will emerge as mobile wallet competition becomes serious.
  • Can Mobile Change The Face Of Car Shopping?
    A high percentage of people expecting to buy a car in the next year are already using their devices to shop for them, according to a new survey. Curiously, Facebook is among the chief sources of information for car shoppers.
  • SoftBank's $12.1 Billion Stake in Sprint Creates Enormous War Chest
    Sprint will become (no kidding ) "New Sprint" in this deal. How and where they spread their money around remains to be seen, but Sprint clearly needed something that would change the game for them.
  • Mobile Devices Will Become TV Media's New Point-Of-Sale
    When it comes to one of the most fundamental media behaviors in modern American life -- TV viewing -- mobile devices are poised to have a deep and complex impact on many levels.
  • Apple Line-Waiters Stoking Their Self-Esteem?
    Researchers argue that the annual ritual of waiting on endless lines for an iPhone is driven by a desire for validating our desire. Apparently the need for self-esteem trumps fear of silliness.
  • Consumer Confidence In M-Commerce Will Drive 50% Growth
    The rate of worldwide growth in mobile payment for physical goods will enjoy a steep curve in the next five years, Juniper Research projects. In fact, retailers themselves -- not consumers -- may be the limiting factor.
  • Google To Developers: Hey, We Have Tablets, Too
    Perhaps a bit late to the game, Google is encouraging app developers to target the Android tablet screens. The company issued a checklist for tablet compatibility. but is this push just too little too late?
  • Visiting My Microsoft 'Genius': The Retail Store Experience
    Microsoft's retail presence rolled into my local mall recently. Standing literally yards from the Apple Store, it begged for comparison.
  • OMG!, LOL, Must See!: AOL Keeps Video Apps Simple And Smart
    AOL probably doesn't get enough credit for some of its creative forays into mobile over the years. Its new extension of the growing AOL On video network to devices is laudably simple.
  • Mall Ad Net Adspace Brings 'Second Screening' To Malls
    Shoppers are not wanting for mobile app solutions. Now the in-mall video ad network Adspace is getting into the act, giving the company two screens on which to address mall-walkers.
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