• CW Launches Next-Day Episode Streaming In iOS/Android App
    The CW gets hip to streaming episodes to an iPad app and integrating social media. But is that enough anymore? Did the iPad spoil us that quickly?
  • eBay Goes Second Screen: Watch, Shop, Bid, Buy...Rinse And Repeat
    The Watch With eBay app for iPad lets you watch "Ghost Whisperer" reruns and buy that bra JLH is wearing. No, really -- that specific bra. And then there are the NCIS bobble head dolls.
  • S**T! FunnyOrDie Started A Magazine...And It's Funny
    FunnyorDie channels a bit of "National Lampoon" and "Spy" in an example of a Web media brand leveraging tablets to recall lost eras of great humor magazines. We wonder how raunchy Apple will let them get.
  • The PC Is Dead! Long Live The 'PC' - Personal Cloud
    The PC is not dead, despite the hype. But the concept of personal computing is evolving rapidly into a new era of the "Personal Cloud," according to Gartner. In a new special report, the company says that mobility, always-available data, apps and cloud-based virtualized processes are moving the "personal cloud" to the center of our digital experiences.
  • Marvel Bundles Print And Digital, Adding AR To Comics
    Marvel announced last week that codes in top-selling print comics will access the digital editions. Also coming are augmented reality enhancements for comics. .
  • Citi On Fire: Bank Embraces Amazon Platform
    Citibank launches the first banking app designed specifically for the Kindle Fire platform. The bank has customized the interface, graphics and interaction specifically for the smaller tablet device.
  • The Soft Side of iPad 3...HD...New...Whatever
    Apple clearly does not want to get lured into a spec war. In its presentation Wednesday, its focus on dazzling games and apps demonstrated its superior ability to leverage that hardware in ways even the best Android tablets cannot. And it's no coincidence that Apple showed off apps that brought desktop functionality and depth to the tablet. Their presence implicitly underscored the post-PC sensibility.
  • Google Play Tries To Catch Up With iTunes And iCloud
    Android Market has been rebranded and redesigned as Google Play. The one-stop media hub mimics much of the multimedia integration and cross-platform access features that Apple promotes through iTunes and iCloud.
  • What The QR Is That?: Or Stupid Mobile Code Tricks
    There seem to be countless stupid ways to use or place a QR code. Now two digital designers have started a Tumblr site to collect the most egregious examples of mobile code excess.
  • Yelp IPO Pops - But How Does It Crack Local Ad Code?
    Yelp's Friday IPO met with Wall Street enthusiasm, spiking the stock price and fueling anticipation of Facebook coming to market. Still, the question remains whether the unprofitable Yelp should buy or be bought after all of this.
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