• Watch An Ad, Get Some Bandwidth: Will Attention Ever Become Hard Currency?
    In the umpteenth attempt to turn consumer attention to digital marketing into redeemable rewards, a new company promises to help underwrite your data plan in exchange for engagement.
  • Honda Has Vine Operators Standing By For Live Video Tweet Event...Sorry, Instagram
    Combining live Tweets and real-time Vine production, Honda responds to car shoppers explaining why they want a new car. Sorry, Instagram, they tease -- this is a seven-second project. What would they do with those extra eight seconds anyway?
  • Notes From A Social Has-Been: Bebo To Reinvent Itself Mobile-First
    A poster child for the argument that no social network can expect permanence, Bebo is hoping to rise from its own ashes. It hopes to learn from the desktop and mobile successes that followed its brief moment as a contender against Facebook.
  • Extreme Multitasking: 20% Of 18- To-34-Year-Olds Admit To Using Smartphone During Sex
    Hey, mobile marketers! Here is a challenge. How do you target mobile users during sex, anyway? Is this a branding opportunity -- or do you think there is a chance at direct response?
  • I Love You, But I Just Don't Care Where You Are Right Now: Google Shuttering Latitude
    Google is shutting down its friend location service Latitude and directing users to Google+'s similar features, which may be just as good as killing it. The limited appeal of friend locators raises the question of what -- and how much of themselves -- people really want to share on social networks.
  • Keep The Customer Notified: Urban Airship Adds In-App Messages
    Urban Airship give app publishers an in-app messaging center and tools for sending rich media to the user as she opens an app.
  • Hello, Hamsters! Have We Got An Opt-Out Habitrail For You
    AT&T has proposed revisions to its privacy policy to accommodate broader data-sharing with marketing partners. Welcome to the opt-out habitrail.
  • Apple Plans Happy App-Day, But My iPhone Still Needs A Gun
    Wednesday will mark five years of the Apple App Store. Personally, we were hoping for more innovation than celebration.
  • Vine Update: More Fun than Instagram, But Less Of a Social Network?
    In a major update Vine adds video creation tools and better discovery/sharing. Does It matter that this app is evolving into more of an entertainment platform from a select group of creative users and less of an actual social network among friends?
  • Apple, Verizon, and Thursdays All Grabbing Mobile Ad Share
    Velti's ad exchange showed substantial growth in the overall share of mobile ads being served to iOS devices over the last year. The iPhone 5 alone is dominating every other device in the market when it comes to ad impressions.
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