• YouTube's Quiet, Excellent Answer To Insta-Vid And Vine
    YouTube has been so obsessed for so long with being the new TV, it may have missed the real video revolution: personal, immediate, creatively super-short. Its upgraded YouTube Capture app tries to capture that vibe without aping Vine and Instagram.
  • REI, Toys 'R Us and CVS Outrank Uneven Field of Mobile Retail Sites
    Retailers may be talking a better game than they are playing when it comes to mobile readiness for this holiday. Search Agency found a lot of sluggish performance and missed opportunities to deliver the basis.
  • 43% of Black Friday Deal Hunters Will Be Showrooming
    If they are shopping on Black Friday and they own a smartphone, the odds are good that consumers will be using their devices for something related to the task at hand. Placed finds that some retailers and categories are at greater risk of losing out to the showrooming effect.
  • Is Amazon Upping The Showrooming Ante With Sunday Deliveries?
    Amazon and the Postal Service have announced that Amazon Prime customers will start getting Sunday deliveries in select cities in coming months. While not game-changing, the prospect of 7-day delivery does chip away one more small bit of friction to the e-commerce model.
  • Santa's Little Helper: 68% Will Use Their Smartphone For Holiday Shopping
    Holiday shoppers are well aware of the super-elf they hold in their hands this holiday season. A huge majority of smartphone and tablet owners expect to use their devices to complete holiday shopping tasks. In fact, they are expecting retailers to be using them too.
  • i.TV Grabs GetGlue: Can Two Second Screens Add Up To One?
    Second-screen companies will have to consolidate both to end the market clutter and to offer a credible, scaled alternative to Twitter, the de facto second-screen app. But we are still years away from seeing how dual screens in the living room will shake down into a single experience.
  • Macy's Wants Holiday Shoppers To Scan And Shop
    Macy's adds to its considerable mobile marketing effort with an AR-powered app designed to activate the retailer's many print and out-of-home ad assets this holiday.
  • Regal Gets Vine Stars To Sell Long-Form, Big-Screen Experience, But The Inspiration Stops There
    Using rising stars of Twitter's Vine as characters, Regal Cinemas launches a branded video series promoting the big theater experience. We get the irony -- but why aren't they leveraging the native real talents of these Vine wonders in the video itself?
  • Are Tablets Getting Ready To Leave The House?
    Apparently I wasn't the only iPad Air buyer for whom this was the first generation of tablets to go cellular. A confluence of forces has made tablet mobility a more realistic prospect.
  • The Problem With The 'Internet Of Things' Is That Your Stuff May Start Talking At You
    Sensors promise a new wave of dazzling combinations of physical objects and wireless connectivity. Be careful of what you wish for, however. In an Internet of Things, all that stuff we have been accumulating over the years could get needy...and vocal.
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