• Tablets Break Out In The Workplace...Or Try
    Less than half of the respondents to the survey said their companies let them onto the corporate network with their devices. And overwhelmingly, tablet use in the workplace means buy and bring your own. Only 22% in the poll said their companies had footed the bill.
  • If You Kids Don't Behave We Will Unplug Your Apps!
    At Toy Fair this week, analog legends like Monopoly, Game of Life and Battleship tried to get their app on. Anyone see this Hot Wheels car wreck coming?
  • Shazam, CBS, IntoNow Up Second-Screen Volume at Grammys
    Rather than having app users chase, vote on and tag ads, the second screens for this year's Grammys actually added some content. CBS and Shazam in particular offer fully programmed experiences.
  • iTunes Match Starts Paying Off For Copyright Holders
    The music distribution service TuneCore posted news at its blog earlier this week that it had received a check from Apple -- $10,000 for two months of royalties on songs that likely had already been sold to the consumer.
  • Google AdMob: No More Minimum Bid
    Google says it is moving performance-based mobile ads to an AdWords model, promising a more open marketplace where some campaign costs will decline and higher-quality ads have a better chance of winning bids.
  • Hurry Up And Wait For NFC: VISA Issues 1 Millionth Chipped Card
    VISA announced a road map for moving to contactless payment on either cards or phones last year and says that having a million chipped credit cards in market in less than 18 months is a significant step.
  • Ready Or Not, Sponsored 'Stories' Coming To Your Mobile Facebook Feed
    The big question that Facebook itself raised about its prospects in the recent IPO filing may get partially answered in short order. Whither mobile? According to an FT report on Monday, the social network is already speaking with agencies about including "featured stories" by brands in users' news feeds, accessible on devices. FT says to expect the new model in early March.
  • All This, Madonna and Samsung's Revenge Of The Stylus, Too?
    My Super Bowl runneth over. I have to admit that for someone who didn't even know what teams were playing at this year's big game until kickoff, mobile media helped make the event genuinely fun this year.
  • Love QR Style: GGP Malls Offers Valentine's Day Code Hunt
    Beginning this week, shoppers at some of GGP's 136 locations will be prompted by in-mall signage to scan "love themed QR codes" in the vicinity. The lure is entry into a sweepstakes for one of 30 $10 gift cards that will be issued daily.
  • AR, Even The Kids Still Don't Get You
    AR is another acronym that has been long in coming -- and with a legacy of decidedly mixed results. Early users of the Layer app and Junaio may have found that having an overlay of localized search results on your phone cam's view of the world often is cooler than it is useful. And perhaps even more so than with those fugly checkerboard mobile codes, there is a considerable consumer education curve.
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