• Take It Inside: Mobile Fight Moves Indoors
    The indoor location mapping market will heat up in coming years as the airwaves and your exact location in a shopping mall or store become contested terrain. Talk about a fight over shelf space.
  • Spider-Man Weaves A Bluetooth Web On Broadway
    The big Broadway show starring Spider-Man will be using Bluetooth technology to ask passersby to opt in to digital assets as well as the opportunity to find and buy tickets on the spot.
  • Savings.com's Favado App Is Crack For The Coupon Addict In Aisle 4
    For the deal addicts out there who live in dread of paying 50 cents too much for that deodorant, your drug is here. Savings.com gives grocery shoppers visibility across their supermarkets.
  • Fifth Of Grocery Shoppers Using Apps, More Convenience Needed
    Supermarkets have an incredible opportunity to super-serve customers with apps. From coupon loading to shopping list creation, deal discovery and even geo-fenced reminders and intelligence about one's shopping patterns, there is so much value waiting to be delivered to consumers.
  • Carrier Revenue Is Peaking - And The Scramble For New Streams Has Just Begun
    Carriers are about to lose their natural growth engine -- subscriber expansion. Now they will have to build business the old-fashioned way -- innovation. One of the first calls they make will be mobile marketing.
  • Yowie! Mobile Ad Spend Share Doubles In A Year
    The migration of revenue and attention to mobile hit a massive high this week with the latest IAB revenue report. But more than simply moving budgets, one starts to wonder if, whether and how the move to mobile changes strategies and overall thinking about what digital does.
  • Mobile/Showrooming To Drive Holiday E-Commerce Despite Security Grinch
    Showrooming is going to be a powerful factor in holiday shopping, according to a survey of consumers. But so will be "webrooming," in which shoppers use the Web to research and identify items and then seek to buy them in a store.
  • 'Scandal' And Miley Feed The Twitter TV Beast In Nielsen's First Ratings Release
    The first Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings demonstrate just how selective a second screen Twitter is. Aside from a few serialized shows, reality shows and the always Tweet-able Miley Cyrus dominated the TV Twitterverse.
  • Google, Facebook And Yahoo Far Ahead In Mobile Reach
    When it comes to total reach across the app and mobile Web universe, three new media titans rule the airwaves with an impressive capacity to reach a mass audience.
  • Apple Picks Up Personal Assistant Company Cue
    Apple buys startup Cue, signaling more investment in contextualized services. While robot valets have a certain geeky appeal, personalization and contextualized services are likely to take more nuanced and subtle forms that many of us will come to expect from our phones over time but perhaps not notice.
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