• Intuit Gets Closer to Checkout With AisleBuyer Acquisition
    Boston startup in the self-checkout app space AisleBuyer has been bought by small business accounting and payments facilitator Intuit, reportedly for $80 million to $100 million. The purchase gives Intuit both a consumer-facing payments app with shopping experience added.
  • Barnes & Noble Glowing E-Reader Aims To Save Marriages
    Barnes & Noble says you may be more irritated at your spouse about their bedtime reading habits than you know. Have they got the shiny (literally) new object for you!
  • Let Your Fingertips Do The Shopping: iPad T-Commerce Up Sharply
    Shopping sessions at major retail sites that came from mobile devices were up sharply in the last year. But for major retail brands, it was the iPad that seemed to be the new post-PC cash register.
  • Excelsior! Augmented: Marvel's AR Comics Show Promise Of Enhanced Print
    Mobile-enhanced print is at its most interesting right now in the realm of comic books. Marvel's new AR line of augmented comics is the kind of halting start that points to a richer next stage of development.
  • GNC Pumps Up Its App Strategy
    With 100,000 downloads of its first app, the health retailer GNC comes to both iPhone and Android with a redesigned app that sets out to embrace shopping, utility, information and fun. Brands need to try everything to keep their customers engaged.
  • One-Handed Shopping: Mobile Users Texting The Brands
    After all of the effort focused on apps, scan codes and mobile Web sites, the most common way for consumers to use their phones when shopping to interact with a business remains SMS.
  • When Art Mattered: Second Screening An American Moment
    A special showing of the great American film "To Kill a Mockingbird," rebroadcast on Passover and Easter weekend, offers a digital remastering of the Universal release. This showing will be amplified by social TV provider Viggle, giving users the opportunity to check in to the movie via the app and get rewards points for engaging the second screen.
  • Nielsen: Second Screening Is A Worldwide TV Habit
    More than 85% of device owners in the U.S. are consulting the second screen while watching TV at least once a month.
  • Dreaming A Dream Kitchen: Jenn-Air App Lets You See How It Fits
    What will that range look like in this space, in that color and texture? Jenn-Air is using your smartphone camera in-app to help dream kitchen dreamers envision the outcome.
  • PayPal Wants To Pump Your Gas, Too
    PayPal has partnered with Cumberland Farms to bring m-payments to the gas pump. You are just five or six steps away from replacing that arduous card swipe that has plagued us for oh these many years.
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