• Chipotle's Ballsy Branded Game Has You Play The Anti-Establishment Message
    Chipotle's extremely well-crafted "Scarecrow" game and video communicate the brand's all-natural message as a genuine assault on the food industrial complex. The elements are seamless and engage through immersion rather than ham-handed messaging.
  • Mobilizing Big Macs: McDonald's Testing Mobile Ordering
    The world's biggest restaurateur is testing mobile ordering. While a little late to the party, McDonald's believes it can integrate greater value into a mobile ordering app by leveraging promotions, offers and loyalty programs.
  • Disney Invites Families To Bring Their iPads To Theaters Next Week
    Disney is ready to test second screening in theaters. At select showings of "Little Mermaid" next week, a dedicated iPad app will sync with the big screen to engage live audiences. We are already cringing at the thought of this creeping into the horror genre.
  • M-Marketer Feedback: Not Much Mojo, But Apple Keeps Incrementing Along
    According to my straw poll of mobile marketing mavens, Apple's innovation slump was still evident in the iPhone rollout. But the glimmer of game-changing ideas is still there, and not all of us are convinced Apple is showing its full hand yet.
  • Opera Launches Browser That 'Should Have Come With The iPad'
    The alternative browser maker Opera tries its hand at an iPad browser. Coast tries to do away with button tapping and rely on swipes and drags.
  • Novel Idea? Oyster Offers Netflix Model For Books
    Oyster brings the Netflix model to ebooks. As usual with these things, we await wider publisher buy-in -- but in all of these buffet models, the next step is to make truly captivating media discovery engines.
  • Brands Tune Into Instagram Video Channel, But Keep It Vine-Short
    Major brands are starting to play in Instagram's new video garden. Interestingly, a number of them aren't filling all of the available 15 seconds -- and instead are taking their lead from Vine's precedent.
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear: Because Your Phone Needs Help
    While an interesting exercise in smartwatch ideas, Samsung's mildly anticipated Galaxy Gear launch failed to make anyone say 'wow.' At least for now, this looks like a kludgy solution in search of a problem to solve.
  • Second-Screen Reading: Amazon Cross-Platform Books
    Amazon's new Kindle MatchBook program is a brilliant and overdue step in acknowledging evolving media habits and in encouraging publishers to innovate across page and screen.
  • Under Mobility 'You' Are The Destination; 'You' Are The 'Site'
    Mobility requires that we rethink a set of metaphors about online content that were generated by desktop-bound users. Untethered interactivity has less use for terms like online "destinations" and "sites" because now you and your circumstance are the destinations for content that should be "searching" for you.
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