Xbox Looks To Have The Jump On Motion

Big developments in the motion control space recently, with Sony and Microsoft offering new details on what titles will be used to launch their own entrances into the world of motion-controlled games, which has thus far been wholly domminated by the Nintendo Wii.

Judging from the initial list of titles for both Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's as-yet unnamed motion control wand, Sony is looking to move first-party titles by catering to players who already own a PS3 and the titles that are being upgraded to be motion-control compatible, whereas Microsoft, with its partnership with top publishers like Activision Blizzard, Capcom, Konami and Sega, is looking to create must-own titles that will move consoles.

In the current environment, Microsoft's strategy is the right one. While the Wii was the only motion-control game in town, Nintendo could get away with having mostly shovelware titles with only a few games worth owning. Now that all the major players are getting involved, the list of motion-control titles offered by each platform really needs to be exceptional, and the third-party publishers Microsoft's lined up looks ready to make that happen.

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