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Bruce Lee's Daughter Builds The Brand

Shannon Lee last year bought back the rights to her father's image from Universal Studios and has embarked on a multipronged endeavor to raise the late martial arts star's profile and post-mortem earnings, Sarah McBride reports.

She has formed Bruce Lee Enterprises, a licensing company, and LeeWay Media Group, a production company, and consulted with the estates of other famous people, including Elvis Presley and John Wayne as part of her due diligence in an effort to boost her father's earnings from about $1 million a year to $5 to $10 million.

If she didn't try to market her dad, Ms. Lee says, others would. "It seems very unfair for perfect strangers to benefit from my family's work."

But it's not all about bucks and numchucks. Ms. Lee hopes more people will learn about her father's values, such as the importance of sticking up for what you believe and breaking down racial, gender and generational barriers, McBride writes.



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