getting rid of the ad model?

Moderator John Capone asks the question that terrifies media planners: given the difficulties in monetizing online content with advertising, will big content owners be forced to charge consumers for online video? The panel consensus was: no, for the most part. Anthony Soohoo, SVP and GM of entertainment and lifestyle for CBS Interactive, remarked: “Every time we hit an ad recession, people talk about [throwing out the ad model]. I think the ad model is doing very well.” Conceding that it needs to be adjusted, Soohoo was nevertheless confident: “I don’t think the ad model for television will go away any time soon.” Greg Colvin, VP of business development and strategy for Fox digital media, agreed, adding that rather than chucking the ad model, the advertiser mission should be creating “More interesting, more captivating models that will give more value to our advertisers and consumers.”
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