Tying GRP in Knots

The issues facing those measuring online video are not simple. How do you factor in click-data from short video segments? Can it be factored into GRP?

As Jeremy Lockhorn, Director of Emerging Media and Video Innovation, Razorfish said, "20 different standards really isn't a standard"

Everyone has their own calculation for GRP, but there is hope says Talia Skaletzky, Director, Online Video Practice, Initiative. In partnership with comScore and Atlas this is something that is being worked on, she says. how far away is it, no one seems to know.

Pick a simple metric that factors reach and frequency with some regard for duration to factor in short form and long form content, says Tania Yuki, Director, Product Management, comScore, "but when you try to smush them together too much we tend to tie ourselves in knots."

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