Dynamic Presenters

  • by , October 17, 2009

Have you seen this service? It’s pretty neat; a dynamic, graphically rich presentation tool. However, this isn’t your average PowerPoint emulator. It doesn’t use slides at all; instead, the entire presentation is always displayed, and the user determines where the audience’s focus is through zooming and panning.

It’s some pretty interesting stuff. Check out the demo video.

The biggest drawback is that it’s a pay service. Well, it’s a pay service if you want all of the features… if you don’t mind the Prezi logo, size limitations, and not having the desktop version of the program, you can use their free version.

However, if you want a totally free version of essentially the same service, take a look at the infinite canvas. This was originally designed by Scott McCloud to be the next big thing in comics (which can be seen from the first few examples). In addition to comics, the infinite canvas has also been used as a presentation tool, which, like Prezi, doesn’t use slides and lets the user control the audience’s attention through zooming and panning.

Plus, with infinite canvas, your presentation becomes available for the whole world to see. And isn’t that the point of the Internet in the first place?

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