The Cyber Generation

  • by May 30, 2001
The Cyber Generation

A new study, "Generation 2001: The Second Study," by Harris Interactive for Northwestern Mutual, reports that those born between 1979 and 2001 constitute the first generation that is virtually 100 percent connected to the Internet. Deanna L. Tillisch, director of the Generation 2001 study, says Gen2001 students "are way connected, way career-minded and way confident." This study reports on college seniors today.

Here are some top line results:

- No other generation can make a 100% online claim, with only two-thirds of the general population accessing the Internet.

- The Internet usage of Gen2001 is 11 hours a week.

- Generation 2001 prefers to be called 'The Cyber Generation.'

- 57% turn to their computers instead of the radio for news and information

- 55% prefer computers to TV for their news and information

- 63% prefer computers to newspapers

- 61% prefer computers to magazines

- 90% of Gen2001 students send and receive e-mails on a daily or frequent basis

- 54% visit career-planning sites to help launch their careers

- Only 23% of Gen2001 students are very concerned about the privacy and security of their online activities share this concern compared to 46% of all Americans who access the Internet

- 56% of this Cyber Generation say it is likely that they will someday work for themselves or start their own business.

Other career-related findings:

They want lots of responsibility, lots of independence, lots of room for creativity and flexible working hours, they'll sacrifice family time to advance career, they're concerned about the direction of the country, they're concerned about the state of race relations, they're aware of the burning issues, and they don't like owing money. Tillisch said. "Gen2001 students are clearly in touch with themselves and with what's going on in the nation and around the globe."

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