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Wolff: Google Has Feelings, Too

  • Newser, Monday, November 30, 2009 1:41 PM
In his Off The Grid column, Michael Wolff takes a look at all the ways in which Google is presently being "attacked" by mainstream media, and what it means for the search giant. From Rupert Murdoch's promise to "de-index" News Corp. content from Google to David Carr's and Ken Auletta's critical takes on the company, Wolff asks: "Does it matter to Google -- nearly as invulnerable, on the basis of its market share, as a company can get -- this sour grapes and calumny on the part of its competitors?"

The answer: "It might" - or at least in the short term. "In the long run, this is the story of pitiless industrial transformation in which Google itself will face the competition of even more pitiless search engines and digital information processors and purveyors." In the short term, Wolff suspects that all the bad press and threats might in fact sting a bit.

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