Coach: I'm in the Upper Deck, But Can We Shoot More

The NBA has banned players and coaches from sending out tweets from the locker room during games. Not so in college hoops, apparently.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Texas A&M’s coach blasted his players for lackluster play during halftime last Friday -- then decided to inform fans about his feelings.

Before taking the court for the second half, Mark Turgeon offered this Twitter post: “We need to keep guarding and limit them to 1 shot. More movement on offense. Let’s go.”

The post didn’t give away much in the way of strategy. But it raises at least two questions.

Will teams start to have a “social media intelligence officer” -- someone who monitors opponents’ in-game tweets hoping to gain an advantage?

Can fans -- never short on opinions -- send tweets to the coach to offer some of their own halftime venting?

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