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Report: Apple TV Sup Service Looming

The Financial Times has new details regarding Apple's courtship of the major TV networks, including CBS and Walt Disney, to launch a subscription television service over the internet next year. The service is expected to be offered over Apple's iTunes digital entertainment store, which sells movies and TV shows, but does not offer them for a recurring monthly fee. The debut of the service is among other entertainment and news services that the maker of the iPod and iPhone could offer on the "tablet" computer it is widely expected to launch imminently. According to The Financial Times, Apple has contacted other broadcast and cable networks, including Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting System and Viacom, which have so far been unconvinced by Apple's proposal.

The computer maker has also courted the book publishing industry, sector executives say. Meanwhile, Apple is said to be preparing an announcement next month that many reportedly anticipate will be the official unveiling of its tablet, but the company has so far declined to confirm the existence of the device. Executives close to the discussions tell the Times that they fear Apple's possible TV service could undermine the lucrative economics of the pay television industry, where basic networks such as MTV collect a fee per subscriber from distributors such as cable operators as well as selling advertising.



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