Market Efficiency: Political Pubs Form Opinion Leader Network

The Christian Science Monitor, The Nation, National Review

Three respected publications, representing various political views, have formed the Opinion Leader Network to help advertisers reach their readership with great efficiency.

The Nation, National Review and The ChristianScienceMonitor, which target the political left, right and center audiences, respectively, have joined forces to build revenues during economically pressed times.

The Opinion Leader Network allows marketers the opportunity to purchase print, online advertising with one media buy. According to Jim Elliott, president of the James G. Elliott Company, which handles advertising sales and marketing for the OLN, the three pubs have a combined circulation of 420,000 and their web sites generate more than 26.8 million monthly page views.



Elliott says the mission is to underscore more than circulation. Its goal is to emphasize that the combined group targets a diverse audience that "ranks either No. 1 or 2 in reaching key influencers in important policy categories."

The Nation, which aims at liberal, progressive readers, wasfounded in 1865. The Christian Science Monitor boasts a 100-year history; it has won seven Pulitzer Prizes and many overseas awards. By contrast, The National Review, the youngest of the three, was founded in 1955 by author William F. Buckley Jr., and targets a Republican, conservative readership.


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