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Google Assembles 'Open Web' A-Team

  • CNet, Tuesday, January 26, 2010 3:10 PM
It looks like Google is quietly assembling something akin to a "social-networking task force," according to CNet's The Social blog. Open-standards guru Will Norris said Tuesday that he's heading to Google in February, joining several other well-known social-networking experts who recently joined the company. "I will be joining fellow new hires Joseph Smarr and Chris Messina, as well as a host of other incredibly talented engineers, in contributing to the emerging standards and growing developer community in this space," Norris wrote on his blog.

Late last year, Smarr said he was leaving his job as chief technology officer at Plaxo to join Google, while Messina -- a member of the OpenID Foundation and Open Web Foundation -- said several weeks later that he would also be joining Google as an "Open Web Advocate." (No mention which is the brooding mohawked strongman, which is the posturing preener and which is the cut-up.)

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