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Will Tablet Thrill Or Kill Publishers?

  • Valleywag, Wednesday, January 27, 2010 2:34 PM
ValleyWag has created a detailed rubric to determine whether magazine and newspaper publishers will be thrilled or chilled by Apple's tablet unveiling. "The tablet's potential impact on the oldest of old media is ultimately bounded by Jobs' own priorities," ValleyWag writes.

"If he keeps his reality distortion field focused on their products for a good portion of his speech, magazine and newspaper executives will take heart ... If he doesn't, they'll no doubt be reaching for their heart medication." What to look for? Does Jobs bring a print exec on stage? Does Jobs bring a magazine exec/editor (Jann Wenner?) on stage? Does Jobs bring a newspaper exec/editor (Robert Thomson?) on stage? Does Jobs demo an interactive magazine or newspaper? Does Jobs tell a personal anecdote highlighting his own personal love for a particular piece of print media (Rollling Stone, New York Times, etc.)?

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