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iShock! iPad Imperfect

  • Gizmodo, Thursday, January 28, 2010 2:58 PM
Be it constructive or attention seeking, criticism is coming fast and furious on the heels of Apple's big iPad unveiling. Gizmodo has graciously gone to the trouble of compiling a working list of disapproval. "Have you seen the bezel on this thing?!" the tech blog incredulously asks? The bezel, for all you gadget neophytes, is the rim area surrounding a device's screen. "It's huge! I know you don't want to accidentally input a command when your thumb is holding it, but come on." Other gripes, both slight and seemingly significant, include the fact that the iPad doesn't allow multitasking ("This is a backbreaker"); is camera-less; Flash-less; widescreen-less; and features a closed app ecosystem. There's also the matter of the name iPad. "Get ready for Maxi pad jokes," predicts Gizmodo, "and lots of 'em!"

Then there's this oldie but goodie from Mad-TV from 2006:

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