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Will Facebook Be The Mayor Of Foursquare?

Citing a single unnamed source, TechCrunch is reporting that Facebook is working on a feature for its mobile users to "check-in," and "broadcast" their location to friends. Local business review community Yelp recently released a similar "check-in" feature. The developments could spell trouble for Union Square Ventures-backed Foursquare, which has quickly established itself as a leader in the location-based social space.

"Allowing users to 'check-in' is Foursquare's primary function," writes TechCrunch. Furthermore, "Facebook, with its huge scale and wealth of engineering talent, could squash Foursquare." Not so, says Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley -- who sold another location-based social network named Dodgeball to Google in '05. He fully expects Facebook and others to launch "check-in" functionality, making it a "commodity by the end of the year." Rather, he says his site will thrive by providing "the most incentive for a user to check-in." Presently,

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