New TV/Video Platforms' R&D: Close, But No Deal

New fancy TV/video digital providers beware: Not all content providers are interested in your new platform -- especially if you can't verify your audience through research.

A CBS technology executive says CBS won't deliver content to alternative distribution systems that have no reliable audience measurement -- and this includes mobile DTV.

Though the network has an iPhone app for CBS News and provides entertainment and other content to mobile TV packager FLO TV, CBS won't participate in other mobile efforts, such as the Open Mobile Video Coalition, because it has no plan as yet to measure audiences.

The OMVC has done some trending studies when it comes to user habits, part of a deal the group made with Rentrak and Harris Interactive. But it isn't enough for CBS.

Considering the issues the Internet has already had with varying research providers, this kind of caution is probably smart. Why blast out press releases that your content is the latest and greatest when there is no way to actually monetize it?



Digital video marketers are demanding much more than they have gotten from traditional media, such as television. They won't put up with same-old viewer research TV stuff -- even if accuracy isn't an issue. They want deeper consumer research, as well as engagement, specific ROI and other metrics.

CBS figures technology alone isn't enough to play around in the research and development space for these platforms -- especially if some of these new video services aren't completely developed.

There seems to be little downside in this approach.

Perhaps fewer people are worried about getting in on the ground floor of something new when hundreds of vendors will sell digital wares after a particular video technology/service release.

Why rush? Why play around -- to use a CBS competitor's words -- with digital pennies?

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  1. Deborah Mcadams from NewBay Media, February 20, 2010 at 3:49 p.m.

    Hi Wayne! I appreciate the attribution:
    - D.

  2. Bruce Keffer from Learn Now With Training Videos, February 21, 2010 at 10:04 a.m.

    The strategy is only as good as the competitions next move. CBS holds tight reins on their digital revenue and selects targets with fat wallets. However as pointed out in the book, "the other guy blinked, " (Pepsi & Coke) market share follows delivery mistakes. Getting in early requires talent to know where to look. FOX digital media guru's driven by an expansion plan that would make the late great British Empire blush should be followed by anyone wishing to grab eyeballs and secure market share. HULU in operations since 07 has secured a top spot in the Digital Delivery landscape others only dream of. CBS is not a major player compared to HULU, (which offers CBS content through direct links), YouTube or even that user driven media juggernaut Justin.TV.

    So sitting on the fence and waiting for the field to ripen may be wise if the budget is tight. However, the competition is already talking to the farmer and offering to help plant next seasons crops.


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